Paint by Number – Colorful bird painting – Paintology #9821

Birds and animals are always good subjects for painting and drawing. This is because they offer unique vibrant colors that make them stand out such as the robin or a tiger. If we use the colors properly, then we also get a painting or a drawing that can really stand out and wow the viewer.

In this Paint by Numbers tutorial by Paintology, you can create this exotic colorful drawing that will really stand out. All the colors are numbered that you can click on and select. Resize the brush and pinch zoom to do the smaller details.

Here is a video that you can watch to see how quickly you can start using the Paint by Numbers.

Paintology Paint by Numbers Quick Video Guide

Here is the paint by numbers coloring that we need to do.

Paint by Numbers with Paintology Coloring App

Paintology Drawing & Coloring App

Paintology Drawing App (Main):

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This app encompasses all the features of the variants such as the pencil drawing, paint by number and connect the dots. You can start with the app variants provided below if you prefer pencil drawing or develop coloring experience. In this way, you develop the necessary skills to do advanced drawings and tackle the tutorials under that category.

Pencil Drawing App:

If you love pencil drawing, you will like this app. The Paintology pencil drawing app allows you to make rapid pencil drawings easily and only increases your drawing skills further.

Paint by Numbers App:

If you have ever tried the Paint by Numbers that comes in kit form, you will love this app. The app works in much the same way as the real kits allowing you to select colors and paint small regions. There are over 100 paint by numbers tutorials for you to try where you can color and learn drawing whilst having fun!

Connect the Dots App:

The Connect the Dots app by Paintology offers newbies to have fun joining the numbers to create the final drawing. Once done, you can use the coloring tools of the app to make a creative drawing unique to you! Try the many connect the dots examples to learn drawing and coloring fast.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!