Paint by number – Draw a Cat on your phone

In this paint by number made by Isha who is 9 years old, it goes to show that anyone can color on their phone.

This is one of hundreds of drawing fun exercises that anyone, young or old can do on their phone. What better than using your phone for some creativity instead of just consuming information.

Here is the video that you can watch on how the coloring is done. It is pretty much the same as the standard paint by number kits that you find in the hobby shop.

Color this cat with the Paintology app from Google play store

There are many super fun Paint by numbers exercises that you can find on the app once you have installed it. They are divided into categories and also levels such as easy, medium or hard. Take your pick and get into the fun of paint by number with the Paintology app.

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Paintology – Bringing back the fun of the real thing!

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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