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Paint by Numbers | Great Scenes by Paintology #3286

There are some landscape scenes that are stunning to any user and the prints usually end up on the walls of many admirers. This is one of the scene that you can enjoy waking up to and looking at it to capture all the essence of this marvelous image.

Let’s try to paint one using the Paintology drawing app available from the Google play store. You will find all the links to the download at the end of this post.

great scenes PbyNo featured
Great scenes to paint on your phone or tablet

There are some pointers to take away for the artist on this breathtaking picture.

Firstly, the picture is a landscape and very atmospheric. With the eyes drawing you to the walkway that takes you further into this scene, you can almost feel like you are there.

Secondly, you will notice that the range of colors evenly matched which adds to the reality of this image and again drawing you into the scene.

When you color this picture, just remember that unlike the paint by numbers kit that you can get in the shops, the app allows you enormous versatility in your coloring methods. You can undo and redo as often as you want, you can experiment with colors and you don’t have to follow the exact coloring regions. Why not experiment and see what you can come up with.

Here is a good video on coloring landscapes with Paintology

Coloring with Paintology on your phone or tablet

Over 400 tutorials available on the app, download now from the Google play store!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Try many of the other Paint by Numbers drawings with the Paintology painting app. After you install the Paintology app, they are all accessible from the home page by clicking on the Video Tutorials button.

App links:

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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