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Pencil drawing sketches | Draw Ertgrul Ghazi Example | Paintology pencil drawing app

Pencil drawing and sketches are a great way to make quick visually stunning drawings on paper or canvas.

Pencil Mediums

Most of these types of pencil drawings are done with a graphite pencil but colored pencils can also be used to make these drawings. You can check out the many pencil, charcoal, graphite and pastel drawings that I have done on my YouTube channel. Below is an example of the types of drawing with various pencil mediums.

Charcoal pencil drawing video demo.
Pastel pencil drawing demo video of a horse on gray paper
Black/white charcoal pencil drawing video demo – Water dropet

Once you practice with the different types of mediums, you will find differences in each and you will find a favorite medium and page type that you will enjoy doing your drawing.

Types of pencil drawing subjects

When drawing, you will likely pick subjects that you are fond of drawing. However, if you are a beginner, I suggest that you pick something simple to start off with. Allow yourself to pick up the necessary skills that will allow you to make drawings on a variety of subjects.

Drawing inanimate objects

This is great for beginners since inanimate objects are easier to draw such as apples, glasses, landscapes etc. The trick is to find something that does not have a high range of gray since this can be difficult to replicate for beginners. You will be able to get different gradients of gray after some time learning to practice the hardness that can make a stroke darker or lighter.

Here is a good example of what you can draw.

Apple drawn from the real apple on the top left

Although the above drawing is done on a tablet using the Paintology app, you could easily take a paper, print it out and leave a blank space for your drawing. This method will help you to replicate the shades and drawing since the actual images is on the same piece of paper your drawing is!

Notice that levels of shade that I managed to achieve in this drawing (you will find more regarding this app in the Links resources at the end).

Drawing Portraits

You may think that portraiture drawing should equally be easy (based on the apple drawing), but you will be surprised. To get a good likeness on portrait drawings can be extremely challenging due to the nature of a head and facial features. The nose can cast shadows over the face and the indentation around the eyes leads to different levels of shades and the subtle undulations of the chin can also show various levels of gray.

I was also referring to using a gray scale, now translate that to full color and you can see the real challenge involved in drawing heads or faces. Shading is always better learnt through pencils and charcoals.

Below is an example of a pencil portrait drawing.

An example of a portrait drawing using Paintology pencil drawing

Again, the above drawing was done on a drawing using pencil strokes.

Ertgrul Ghazi Drawing

The Ertgrul Ghazi pencil sketch was done on an actual phone using a standard stylus. The reason for using a stylus rather than a finger is that you can have more control over the drawing.

With today’s advances in technology, Pencil drawing and sketches have come a long way. You can now do actual drawings that you did with pencil and paper. All it requires is to become comfortable with the tools. If you watch the video of this drawing, you will see that the method and approach for drawing is no different to pencil and paper. However, unlike the traditional pencil sketches, you have a higher degree of control over the strokes. This is the versatility of drawing on your phones or tablets.

Once you appreciate the capabilities of the brush tools used in the app, you can make exacting strokes that mimic grays with a higher degree. On top of this, you can also create textures as shown in this drawing.

Drawing example of Ertgrul Ghazi

With two types of brushes used in this drawing demo of Ertgrul, you can see how the shading has been put to good effect to get the facial shades. The line brush tool is ideal for the beard and hard dark edges required to enhance this drawing. Take a look at the YouTube video of this drawing below.

Ertgrul Ghazi drawing demo on and Android Pixel phone

Final tips on pencil drawing

Pencil drawings are done by artists from beginners to advanced. With practice you can make the drawings close to the observed object such as portraits, objects, landscape and more.

The versatility of the pencil drawing is enhanced as demonstrated by the Paintology pencil app available from the Google play store for Android phones and tablets.

To become good at pencil sketches and drawings, it requires practice and you can eventually make stunning drawings irrespective of the mediums use. For example traditional mediums such as graphite, charcoal, pencil and pastels, the dry mediums as well as through apps on your phones.

Below are links to the Paintology app resources to explore the area of easy pencil drawings all the way to advanced sketches and drawings using tablets.

Resources for Pencil drawing with Paintology

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Drawing & Painting!