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Send a Xmas Card with Paintology | #7366

Let’s have fun this season, by making your own Xmas card to send to your loved one!

In this tutorial, you will create your own Christmas card and send to your family or friends.

We first color the reindeer as usual using the color palette and then write our own message. You can write whatever you want.

Once done, we will send it via share of your phone on What’s app, Gmail or any other way the phone offers.

Here is what the card can look like once done…

Send a Xmas card to your loved one this Christmas with Paintology!

Let’s get started!

First, let’s open up the template so you can use the colors with the brush tool paint the reindeer.

Once done, add your message and go to the share as shown and you are done!

Template of the Xmas card tutorial

Template of the card to color and add your message

Send to your loved one!

Share your finished card!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Drawing & Painting!

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