Using the brush tool

In this video we are going to show you how to use the brush tool of the Paintology app. This tool is accessible from the right side of your drawing canvas along with other drawing tools.

The brush tool of Paintology.

With the brush tool the canvas is our window to the world of creativity. We can use this brush to create many effects that is required to produce art. Understanding the capabilities of this pen will get you to draw better and faster to make any types of drawings. You can follow the many tutorials that have been designed at every level and work at your own pace.

When you open up the brush tool, you will be presented with some brush settings that allow you to change the brush size, styles and opacity. Bear in mind that it is not advisable to compare traditional brush settings with that of digital. The digital settings can be tailored in much the same way that traditional artists draw but the comparison stops there. It would be incorrect to emulate the traditional brush tools since this would only constrain the types of configurations that are possible with digital.

The brush settings allow you to create a vast range of brush strokes.

From the settings you can vary the brush size, choose the brush style and change its flow rate characteristics by adjusting density and hardness. There are many combinations of this but it would be best for you to experiment with the settings and just try for yourself. Watch the many tutorials available here to see how this versatile brush tool is used.

You can also check out the video too.