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Very easy plane coloring | Paint by number | Color with Paintology | #6562

Phones and tablets are great devices to do drawings, colorings, paintings etc. since we have wonderful apps for them.

This is an ideal coloring exercise to get into drawing and coloring with your phone. Cartoon and clipart like this plane coloring are an ideal way to learn and improve.

The Paintology drawing app has been around 9 years helping many kids and adults get into the joy of drawing. You don’t need traditional medium to enjoy this great hobby, your phone or tablet is perfect for this.

I will explain this in more details at the end where you can find links to the app on Google play store.

Here is the fun plane drawing that anyone, kid or adult can do:

Created with GIMP

Coloring is a great way to get into drawing since most of us have done this at some stage when we were a kid.

You will find this exercise in coloring of a plane fun and easy but will teach you important skills. Firstly, it will teach you how to use some of the essential tools of paintology. Secondly, it will teach you to learn how to do stroke and get accuracy with your hand on the edges.

You will find plenty of videos on the Paintology YouTuble channel to help you with your journey to becoming an artist.

Here is a good video guide on using the tools:

Good video guide to using the tools of the Paintology drawing app

All the videos, drawings, colorings you see on this website are also available directly from the app once installed.

Install the Paintology app and have loads of fun!

Drawing is an exercise that all of us have enjoyed when we were young. Many of us didn’t have the talent like some of our class mates and were often flummoxed by the whole experience.

However, today we have the technology to thank for and now anyone can draw!

With this aim in mind, we have developed the Paintology drawing app that has been built with this in mind. To help anyone young or old to become a talented artist. You may think that traditional medium is they only true way of drawing and painting and you would be wrong. Here is a good post to read which compares digital and traditional mediums and gives you some insight into this subject.

A comparison of traditional and digital mediums.

Check out online with so many works of art being done with the digital platform. Many artists are now making their artwork available through NFTs. Digital artwork is now come along way and can be done by anyone with a phone or tablet.

Download the Paintology app from the link below!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!