10 mins drawing fun – super easy drawing with Paintology!

Many people are put off by drawing on the phone, because they immediately assume that it involves using a set of complex brushes and digital effects etc.

This is probably true, especially when many users go for the app that has the largest range of features.

There is a simple reason for this, it’s purely because many people struggle to draw. With apps, many find that they can turn to to the tools to make simple drawings. Gradually, they become accustomed to the tools for the drawing. However, they are missing out on the most important set of skills that are taught to all artists in the traditional mediums.

These skills that I am talking about are the fundamental core skills of drawing. Since many lack in drawing skills, they find that the tools on the digital apps allow them an inroad to drawing, but making heavy use of the digital tools. This a perfectly good way to do digital drawing. However, to many traditional artists that are just beginning, this can put them off.

It is the reason that digital art is considered very distinct from traditional art.

However, art as we know it involves core skills that can be developed through practice and should apply to all types of artistic mediums. These set of skills are easily glossed over in the digital world as I have mentioned.

You can read more on a comprehensive article written about traditional and digital art, the forgotten skills.

For this super easy and fun drawing, I show you how to make an attractive drawing on your phone in about 10 mins. or so. You can impress your friends and family with this drawing.

To make this drawing on your phone, you need to install the Paintology drawing app from the Google play store. Then head over to the Tutorials and the Beginners category to find this tutorial.

It will load up the tutorial on your canvas with the reference image and the trace mode of drawing. This allows you to switch between the traced image and your drawing picking out the essential colors of the image. I use the shade and line tool for the background and foreground respectively.

Watch the whole video once and give it a try!

Easy drawing on your phone using the Paintology app!

If you master the shade brush tool of the Paintology app, you won’t need any other brush and you can even make photo realistic drawings just like the real thing! There are many drawing examples like this which you can find in the YouTube channels provided in the resources below.

Also, check out the many tutorials that can be found direct from the app!

The above exercise will ground you in the skills needed to do shading and drawing lines. This will help you create depth in any types of drawing. You can now draw just like the real thing right on your phone and tablet!

There are over 600 tutorials you can try with the Paintology drawing app.

Download today!

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Paintology – Bringing back the fun of the real thing!

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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