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Color a glass apple | Paint by nos | Paintology drawing app | #6510

The previous post on the glass apples was quite popular with our readers. So we thought we should bring another one for your pleasure.

The apple fruit has been a great subject for drawing and painting by many artists throughout the centuries. It is no wonder, this is the case, since the apple is a round object typifying many elements of good drawing. For example the texture of the apples and the shadows that falls on the surface. To get a good rendition of the apple to your drawing can reveal your technical competency in your drawing skills.

If you want to see a video of the apple drawing that was done on black canvas with pastel pencils, please check out the YouTube video below.

A drawing of a realistic apple with pastel pencils

The glass apple template & completed apple coloring:

Surprisingly, the apple glass template in the paint by nos series has few colored regions and only eight colors and yet the rendition of the completed drawing is pretty believable.

You have to remember that this drawing is of a glass apple but has similar characteristics as the real one. The material properties of the glass makes for an easier coloring exercise.

Try to follow the precise edges as best as possible and by using the zoom function whenever possible.

Created with GIMP

Naturally, you can download and print the apple and use your favorite colored pencils. However, it is best done directly on your phone or tablet with the Paintology app.

The Paintology app is ideal for improving your drawing skills since it is not that different to coloring with pencil and paper. You have a greater degree of control over the tools (with zoom function) and many brush sizes with translucency. This gives you great flexibility in your drawing and once mastered, you can make photorealistic drawings with the app.

Check out the painting below of a sunset beach done with the Paintology app on a Samsung S6 tablet.

A sunset beach drawn on a tablet using the Paintology app

Download and install the Paintology drawing app:

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!