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Color a lantern | Paint by number | Paintology | #6693

Coloring is a great way to get into painting and drawing.

It can help you understand how colors interact, the perspective in distant views, contrast and an overall appreciation when you come to do your own painting.

The Paintology drawing app is a great little app that you can use on your Android phone or tablet. It allows you to color, drawing and paint just like you would on traditional medium of paper and pens.

Here is the template of the hanging lantern that you can do on your phone:

Color a lantern | Paintology drawing app

When you come to do this coloring exercise, don’t worry about the tiny details at the beginning. Also, don’t try to do this too methodically, do colors that you want to do first and then work towards the smaller details.

Below is an example of what you can do with the Paintology drawing app:

Here is the completed colored lantern drawing to use for reference:

Created with GIMP

If you feel brave enough, just go ahead and ‘buff’ up the distinct regions of color with more colors from the color palette. Don’t be afraid to experiment, since this not like traditional coloring where you have only one attempt to do this coloring. You can save and redo the drawing as much as you like, just click on save and open up the coloring again. Or if you prefer, just save another file to your phone.

Painting & drawing is a great pastime. You can make creative paintings and drawing right on your phone or tablet.

The app Paintology can extend your skills further so you can come up with creative paintings and drawing. Use many of the methods of drawing to help you such as Trace Drawing, Connect the Dots and the soon to be launched, Pencil Drawing.

No need for fumbling for pencil or paper, you carry your drawing app with you on your phone. Paint and draw whenever and wherever you like!

Paintology drawing app for you!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!