Learn to Draw Series – Drawing Boxes

Continuing on the beginners drawing series of the circles, we will now try to draw boxes. This in fact is an easier tutorial than drawing a circle, so I would recommend complete beginners to do this exercise first.

Beginners boxes drawing on the Paintology app.

As before in the circle drawing tutorial, I show you how to use the same methods for drawing boxes. Drawing these shapes consistently helps you to improve your hand and eye coordination. Do these exercises if you are having trouble doing any kind of shapes. I will bring more shapes to draw and gradually add a bit more degree of complexity to help you improve.

For the above drawing, I used similar technique of loading the Paintology app with a reference image shown below.

Reference image used for the drawing tutorial.

You can follow this tutorial from the Paintology app which will have the reference image along with a youtube video insruction as well as the settings required for the pen.

It makes sense to do the drawing of the boxes in a simple single stroke of the pen which consists of only one of the edges of the box. I show this in the video tutorial, but to get more accuracy, we learnt that using smaller strokes will allow for better accuracy of the line edge. This is the normal method applied by experienced artists. In the first case, the line can be skewed nevertheless, it can be acceptable for some drawings. In the shorter strokes of building up the line, one can achieve accuracy but at the expense of more ‘frills’ around the line. One can also use the eraser tool to remove those frills.

The video of this tutorial is shown below. In the next tutorial, we will follow the same approach as the circle tutorial and do freehand drawing of the boxes.