Day 7 – Eyes Drawing/Shading – Pencil Drawing

Paintology Video Guides – Pencil Drawing (using the shade brush)

This is the seventh exercise using the powerful shade brush of the Paintology app. App is available for free from the Google play store.

The shade brush allows you to make realistic pencil drawings, just like the real thing! If you are a traditional artist that likes using pencils and paper, you will feel very comfortable with the Paintology app.

You can watch many of video drawings made using the Paintology drawing app from the following Youtube channels. Most are made on the Android phones but some are done on the tablets. It is recommended that you use a stylus for drawing on your phone or tablet. They can be had on Amazon or ebay for a few dollars/pounds or less.

Here is an example of a drawing made on a standard android phone using a cheap stylus.

hibiscus flower on the phone - black and white
The drawing was made with the shade brush of the Paintology app that is shown in the exercise.

Here is the Youtube video of the shading and drawing of the eyes using Paintology with full transcript that you can watch.

Realistic eyes drawing made on the Paintology app using the shade brush only.

If you master the shade brush tool of the Paintology app, you won’t need any other brush and you can make photo realistic drawings just like the real thing! There are many drawing examples like this which you can watch in the YouTube channels provided in the resources below.

The above exercise will ground you in the skills needed to create the shading of the eyes. This will help you create depth in any types of drawing. You can now draw just like the real thing right on your phone and tablet!

There are over 600 tutorials you can try with the Paintology drawing app.

Download today!

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Paintology – Bringing back the fun of the real thing!

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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