coke tutorial - photo realistic

Draw a glass of coke with a straw with the aid of the trace method.

Initially, when I was practicing drawing with the Paintology app, I would often use the trace method of drawing. This mode of drawing allows me to load any type of image that you have saved or downloaded and allows you to draw over this. This is slightly different to the overlay mode of drawing where you can directly draw over the picture and depends on what you wanted to do with the image.

The trace mode of drawing, has a line bar on the left which switches between the underlying image and your canvas. This is an excellent way of learning especially for getting better in the drawing of form and shapes such as portraits and also perspective. I found that this mode of drawing has helped me to improve my drawing where I can now routinely draw and paint whatever I want without this aid.

In this drawing of a cold glass of coke with a straw, I use the trace mode to get the shapes right, but if you notice that I am not trying to replicate the exact form of the underlying image. What I do is use brush strokes and color to ‘depict’ the underlying shape, form and color. This is primarily the method that I use to create other works of photo realism and by magnifying the image, I can create something that resembles the shape, form and color that I am trying to draw.

For more details, please look into the Udemy course on these types of drawing and painting with the Paintology app.

Here is a youtube video of the time lapse video of the actual drawing.

Draw like a pro on the Paintology app – minimum skills required.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!