Draw a simple sunset landscape

Landscapes are the easiest subject to draw or paint. I would encourage any beginner or advanced artists to just continue to draw/paint landscapes whenever they can. There are some reasons for this which I will outline below.

  • The subject has no ‘strict’ sense of the strokes required for the final rendition. Unlike other subjects like faces, animals, objects etc. landscapes are more forgiving. They allow you far more creative expression than one thinks.
  • It is a subject that allows creative expression and you will hone your skills and continue to improve upon it. The landscape allows you to create highly expressive drawings/paintings and can swing from realistic to semi-abstract. You have control over how much color, tones, mood that you want in you final drawing.
  • It really does improve your technical skills when it comes to tonal values, colors, perspective etc.
  • Most people admire photographs of landscapes, the vast space that it encompasses, mother nature and the natural beauty all around us.

Above are some reasons for creating landscape drawings and paintings but it there maybe plenty of other reasons that people can relate to. It is no doubt that it is the single most subject of creation that many have on their walls of their homes.

In this simple drawing of a landscape, we will go about creating the following using the Paintology app.

An easy to do landscape on the Paintology app.

Here is the Youtube video…