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Draw a lambo | Paint by nos | Paintology drawing app | #6486

The design of the lamborghini (lambo) car has a very eye-catching design that turns heads whenever you see it. Due to the iconic nature of this car, let’s draw this lambo for our own pleasure.

Here is the template to start the drawing:

Paint by nos of a lambo | Draw with Paintology

You will notice that the car has distinct straight lines with very subtle curves. To make this striking attractive shape you can deploy the straights lines too on the app. You can find a demo of this tool on the drawing of the emerald from the Paintology YouTube channel. You will see later in the video how the edges of the gem are drawn with this tool.

Straight lines feature of the Paintology app

With the straight line tool enabled, you will be able to create a straight line between any region you swipe on phone. This will enable you to make a more accurate representation of this iconic design.

Completed drawing of the lambo car to use as reference for your drawing

Created with GIMP

Once you have completed the drawing, why not post directly to the Community page in the app. Users post artworks that they have done on their phone or pictures of their artwork. The Paintology community enables you to share with other like minded users and get great feedback on you artworks.

Community page access from the Paintology app

The Paintology app to get your drawing skills to a new level:

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!