Draw a tiger in charcoals

Animals are a great subject to improve your drawings especially if you work with charcoals. Aside from drawing landscapes which are easier, the next best subject would be animals, due to their minimal features of the head.

Here is a drawing of a tiger that I did using charcoal on Strathmore Artagain paper (coal black). Charcoals I used were mainly Generals white and gray charcoal chalk. If you are just started out with charcoals, you will need to get used to the darker background. I suggest trying easier subject matter such as landscapes and move towards images of animals, faces etc.

Once you get a good handle, you will find that you are able to do better drawings than you originally thought. As with all my videos, I sketch out the outline and continue to build on the image looking for tonal contrasts and values. Tones are an important part of drawing and it is what gives an image a three dimensional look to it. You should not focus on the features without understanding the various subtle tones to the whole image.

A tiger drawn with charcoal pencils.

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