Draw an apple with water droplets

Other realism painters I have seen in youtube use a combination of markers, pens, pencils to achieve hyper realistic drawings. I do have some understanding why they would use those types of mediums, but I tend to be a bit minimalistic and stick to the pastel pencils that I have. I did think that the small white region that forms the intense reflected bright light could do with maybe acrylics but I decided against it. I get the sense that I could eventually create hyper realism drawings, but I do keep asking myself where I want to go. Many people are enamored with photo realistic drawings, you can go to reddit and see how people vote hyper realistic drawings to the top. It makes me wonder why some simply don’t enlarge a photo on a large printer and claim that they spent days if not months on this drawing. The distinction between an actual photo and a hyper-realistic drawing is lost… the person making the drawing is a super human printer! People are amazed at these types of work and why wouldn’t you be as it requires a whole new level of skills such as patience and perseverance. In today’s world of instant gratification many of us are putting these skills in the back burner.

As for me, I am very happy with just drawing as I do and find that I do get better with practice and continue to experiment. You could say that I am just exploring my passions that I have kept locked up since my youthful days. It really does give me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that others do like my drawings and paintings.

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I am uploading videos daily and tapping more into my creative energy, and the journey requires hard work but very fun!