Draw an outline of a Rose – phone drawing with Paintology

This is an easy line drawing that you can make on your phone. You can find this tutorial under the Tutorials section after you have installed the app. The app is available from the Google play store, links to store and resources provided at the end.

If you like traditional drawing such as pencil and paper, you will enjoy drawing with Paintology. It is the only app that encourages you to develop core art skills and not just tool after tool. With these core skills just like in traditional painting and drawing, you can develop skills that are independent of tool sets. In the same way that a carpenter is not judged by their toolsets but their creations, the same applies to all other skills such as drawing.

It is unfortunate that many digital artists are attracted by the digital tools and as a result become highly dependent on them. It is the reason why many digital art will look like ‘computer’ generated due to the heavy use of digital tools.

In this drawing of the rose, we use the line brush set to the correct color and size. The reference image is accessible through the trace bar and you can use it to make the whole outline drawing. Take your time, because this is an important exercise in drawing. It allows you to develop the drawing strokes that is key to becoming proficient in drawing. Most digital artists turn to the correction tools of the drawing application where the auto correction takes away imperfections in your strokes. This is the sure way that your final artwork is going to look too refined and not formed by human.

The basis of this approach to creating art leads to the distinct differences in digital and traditional art. However, in the true sense of art, the two should actually be the same. One advantage of the digital drawing app, is that users who were unable to draw in the traditional medium now had access to tools that overcame their original deficiency. If you want to read more on this subject, you can read more under my Quora profile, links at the end.

The rose outline drawing

Rose outline drawing on your phone with Paintology

Here is the video that you can watch on the teacher making the drawing (Samsung Note 10+ phone)

Video of the outline drawing of a red rose – Paintology

There are over 600 tutorials that will teach you how to drawing digitally the easy way!

You will develop the skills you need to make good drawings with the minimum tools just like with traditional mediums.

Paintology, bringing back the fun of the real thing!

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Paintology – Bringing back the fun of the real thing!

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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