Paint an old farmer with hat.

This drawing was done on a 32 inch touch screen monitor using the Paintology Android App. I was impressed that the old version of Paintology which had all the necessary tools to create artwork on the bigger screen.

In this drawing of a face, I used the ‘pen’ tool at the largest setting and the cross-hatching with the lower thinner setting. The painting was done with some speed but mainly to show you how easy it is to draw using the app and the larger touch screen. The instrument used for the drawing was simply a paintbrush. As explained before the technology of the ‘touchscreen’ uses infra-red signals and positions on the screen is measured by the ‘breakage’ in the light emissions on the edges. This is unlike the capacitance method where the press on the screen is registered as a touch. In the infra-red method (IR), any object will be sufficient to register a touch on the screen.

The video shows in real-time, the tools and approach used to create this digital drawing on the 32 inch multi-touch TV (tablet)!

Daily challenge drawing, uploading videos daily!