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Drawing is a fun experience with traditional methods such as pencils, crayons, acrylics etc. It can also be very therapeutic to anyone embarking on this much loved pastime. The hobby is not just for kids, it can be enjoyed by many people from all walks of life. The ability to carry yourself away from the real world for a few minutes is always a good thing.

Why digital drawing?

Many people that are not familiar with digital drawing have a notion that digital drawing requires fancy tools and techniques. Also, it requires you to be very competent in the use of software which can be complicated.

The expanding world of digital drawing

If you are a traditional artist, you may want to consider digital drawing to expand your portfolio. There are already many young people who are drawn to the drawing apps available from the Google and Apple play stores. You don’t really need to have a big knowledge in the use of software to learn digital drawing. If you are familiar with the tools of your phone, you can also get into digital drawing. You will find the previous article written on this subject below.

The myths of traditional and digital drawing.

Anyone can draw in the digital medium!

If you are all too familiar with drawing with pencil and paper, you can also easily draw on your phone. However, you also have the ability of some powerful tools to make your drawing creative as you want it. Even for many traditional artist who has never ventured into digital drawing, you will be surprised with how quickly you can get up to speed. One such drawing that allows you to do this is the Paintology drawing app, links provided at the end.

This particular drawing app has many capabilities of drawing such as Paint by Numbers, Trace Drawing, Overly Drawing and more. This can rapidly develop your painting and drawing skills. Many folks think that the digital medium is a bit artificial but you are still applying your creative drawing and painting skills. After all, if you look at one of my drawings that I did with the Paintology app, you will definitely think twice! The video of a drawing that I did of the sunset was done with only two brushes on the Paintology app.

A video of a drawing done with the Paintology drawing app

Now you try yourself!

Naturally the above video drawing requires some artistic skills but it definitely does not require the complex tools that many novices like to think. Like any skill, you will develop them over time and be able to draw like this. I surely could not tell you that I could draw like this if you had asked me a year ago.

A great start is to try drawing and painting with the Paint by Numbers technique of the Paintology app. This kind of drawing allows you to open up a template on your phone and tablet and then use the brushes to paint over the numbered region. The numbered region allows you to develop essential skills such as getting familiarity with the brushes, improving your strokes and an appreciation of colors. It will help you appreciate the medium a lot better and apply your own skills in drawing and painting any subjects.

Here is the master template of a celebrity drawing that you can do on your phone or tablet. The drawing of this celebrity portrait has larger numbered region which is ideal for beginners. The zoom feature of the app allows you to get close to the subject when you want to paint smaller regions.

Created with GIMP

Learn more and open up your creativity!

There are many resources available on the internet and YouTube that you can get more help with your drawing and painting. You don’t have to do any structured courses as such, you can find all the resources your looking for online. However for a beginner, I would suggest that you try out the Udemy courses available with the Paintology app. They are free and can help you to pace your work and get better more quickly. Here is the link:

Free Udemy courses with the Paintology drawing app

Try many other drawings and paintings available right on your phone including this celebrity portrait drawing.

The Paintology app can be downloaded from the below links:

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!