Realistic Glass Bottles drawing – Paintology #9989

This is an exercise in shading with one brush of the Paintology Drawing App available from the Google play store.

Glass is always a great subject to test our realistic drawing techniques. Now that we have digital technology within easy reach, it makes sense to draw with our phones and tablets. The Paintology Drawing App from Google play store is a great app that helps you to get better in drawing and painting. The methods used for making this drawing is similar to doing a drawing in traditional materials. The best way to become a good artist is to learn the fundamental skills of drawing and painting. You can read more on the Medium post below.

The real differences between traditional and digital art

The drawing of the Glass Bottles drawing shown here was done on my Samsung phone using only the shade brush of the Paintology app. You can watch the video of this drawing from the Youtube channel here…

A realistic drawing of glass bottles using the Paintology drawing app from Google #9989

Glass bottles drawing:

This drawing has been designed to get you up to speed with drawing realistically quickly. The drawing has been 3/4 done and all you need to do is complete the drawing using the shade brush!

You can switch to the video to see how I add the details to the drawing to complete the final drawing. In this way, you learn some important techniques towards realistic drawings.

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If you want to contact Ferdouse Khaleque, the quickest way is to post on the Community section of the Paintology App and create a post putting hashtag #ferdouse.

Happy Painting & Drawing!

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