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Color a galaxy nebula | Paint by number | Paintology drawing app | #6610

In this coloring exercise for beginners, you don’t have to worry about the exact placement of colors.

You can be very free in this coloring since it is unimportant to get the edges exactly right.

With 16 colors to color, it will provide a vibrant color on the finished drawing. You can also use different colors that you think will looking good, this is great for your creativity.

Here is the template of the galaxy nebula:

16 colors galaxy nebula for you to color | paintology

It’s always a good idea to see the completed coloring for you to compare when coloring.

Galaxy nebula completed colored painting:

Created with GIMP

Download and install the Paintology app to do coloring right on your phone:

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!