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Color a Yamaha Bike | Paint by Numbers | Paintology Drawing App | #6538

Based on the popularity of the previous paint by numbers coloring of a Suzuki Bike, we posted another one here.

This one has a bit more details than the previous Suzuki one we did, but it is just as enjoyable. If you are a beginner, try to get comfortable with all the tools of the Paintology app first and you can check out the YouTube video guide shown here.

Learn to draw with the Paintology app

The tools on the Paintology app are fairly easy to become acquainted with and with a bit of effort you will figure out what is what. There is a brush tool dialog where you can adjust the size of the brush, the opaqueness (think of this as the hardness of a pen or pencil). You also have a good selection of brushes to do many types of drawings. In the same dialog, you can also create your own brush.

Here is a quick snapshot of the brush dialog:

Brush dialog tool on the Paintology drawing app

Work on the coloring of the Yamaha Bike:

Once you have placed the template drawing of the Yamaha Bike on your phone, you can use the color picker tool to select the base colors for this exercise. This will retain the selected colors and you can continue to color rapidly on your phone. Use the zoom to get better accuracy of the placement of the brush colors. It is that easy!

If you want to see a previous YouTube vide of the whole coloring, please check out the video below:

A paint by numbers coloring video demo – Intermediate drawing level

If you are new to the Paintology app, make sure to start off with less complex drawing tutorials and work your way up.

Here is the featured and template of the image of the Yamaha bike that you can refer to when drawing on your phone.

Template of the colored tutorial – Yamaha Bike – Paintology

Created with GIMP

We want to bring back the joy of painting and drawing, now that practically everyone has a phone or a tablet. Paintology has been designed to make the easy transition from the traditional medium.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!