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Color ladies shoes | Paint by numbers | Paintology drawing app | #6522

Inanimate objects such as everyday objects like glass, houses, bread, clothes etc. are great drawing subjects. They are of fixed shape and allows the student to learn many essential elements in drawing. To get started in this area of drawing, we will do an exercise in coloring shoes.

The ladies shows shown here is a good subject for beginners to get into digital drawing with their phones or tablets. It is an easy coloring paint by numbers subject for you to try. Like all the Paint by nos. drawings here, this is one of the easy ones to pick up essential skills in drawing.

Download and try the coloring of the ladies shoes by paintology:

Ladies shoes coloring exercise

If you really want to get into digital drawing, it is best to use a tablet for many of the drawings shown here. This allows a bit bigger canvas just like the paper and pencil. Along with a cheap stylus, you will have a great drawing canvas and with the right app, get your artistic goals to a good start!

Getting into digital drawing:

Digital drawing is now available to anyone who has a phone or a tablet in their possession. There are great advantages to digital drawing over say pencil/paper drawing. Below are a few of these:

  • Keep all your drawings saved on your phone/tablet
  • Numerous apps for you to try from Google or Apple play store
  • Practice whenever you want and how you want
  • Versatile tools over traditional mediums
  • Can produce artworks similar to the traditional mediums

The distinction between traditional drawing and painting and the digital platform is becoming slowly blurred. Traditional mediums rely on a limited set of tools but in the digital world, there is a greater number of tools and colors. This allows you to create artworks that was not possible in the traditional medium but doable in the digital. If you want to see the distinction between digital and traditional, take a look at the Quora post here.

Completed coloring of the ladies shoes to use as reference:

Created with GIMP

Here is the Paintology app to download and install on your Android phone/tablet

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!