Create a photo realistic drawing of a sunset on your phone

Sunset paintings and drawings are always popular and many adorn their living room walls with many examples of these artworks.

What makes them popular is that it is a bit dreamy since it is the time of the night when people retire to bed or chill. In terms of drawing or painting sunsets, they are actually very easy to do since the colors are muted except for maybe the blazing sun against the dense orange background of the sky.

I have made a few sunset drawings on the phone and tablet but did not get a chance until now to do it using a finger. As it turned out, the results where surprisingly good. Here is one that I did a few days ago, drawn on my Samsung Note 10 phone using the finger on the Paintology drawing app (Google playstore).

A sunset drawing on the phone using the finger and the Paintology drawing app

The advantage of doing the above drawing is that the darker tones in the foreground is forgiving of the details that needs to be reproduced in the drawing/painting. As you can see, the foreground is rough but the details were done fairly quickly. Using just the finger for this drawing was possible due to the simplicity of the drawing and the power of the shade and line brushes of the Paintology drawing app.

If you want to see the complete step by step tutorial, please visit the video below. It was made as a live stream on the Youtube channel.

For more information on photorealistic drawings using the finger, have a quick read of this post on Quora.

Quora answer to doing photorealism in a nutshell!

There are over 600 free video tutorials that come with the Paintology drawing app for your Android devices.

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Happy Drawing & Painting!

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