Draw a scenic lakeside – Paintology Tutorial

With little effort, one can produce this painting in an hour or so. Painting does not have to be hard work and it can defeat the fun factor if it turns out this way. The reason why I work within the hour could be that I don’t want to make the process arduous and long. All of us need to be gratified when undertaking any tasks and painting is no different. When you do a long painting of several hours as many do, the end result is often known or understood by the artist. For beginners this can be hard since they don’t have an endgame in mind.

However, like all things, it comes with plenty of practice and if you are dedicated enough, I would suggest to do your paintings several times in the week. Doing one a month is not going to cut it, it will be a long process and you won’t feel gratified of your slow progress.

Daily challenge drawing, uploading videos daily!