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Draw birthday candles | Paint by Numbers | Paintology drawing app

This paint by numbers painting of birthday candles will surely remind you of past birthday parties!

The warm bright colors used in this drawing should be easy to do on your phone or tablet using the Paintology app. When you have finished the drawing, why not save it and then try to enhance the drawing. For example, try to enhance the flame by using some light yellow and add gradients to the stem of the candles to give it a more cylindrical appearance. These tips for drawing will enable you to achieve better drawing skills with perspective and depth, something most artists always strives for.

If you are unfamiliar with Paint by Numbers painting and drawing, you may want to check out the YouTube video below which shows you how to get to grips with tools easily.

Drawing with the Paintology app on Paint by Numbers

When doing Paint by Numbers on your phone/tablet, you don’t have to worry about the smaller screen size as you have a versatile zoom facility to get close to the details. Once completed, you can save your work and print it out on a large format printer and even hang your work on a wall!

Here is the template drawing of the Paint by Numbers subject of Paintology:

Created with GIMP

Try also many of the other subjects on the app once installed on your Android phone, you will find all the drawings here and more. The subjects are divided into easy, medium and hard so you can feel comfortable to build up speed and do other drawings that are up to your level.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

water mark for Paintology on Google play store

Happy Painting & Drawing!