How to draw a face for Beginners/ EASY WAY TO DRAW A GIRL FACE

In this pencil drawing with the Paintology app we do a beginners easy way to draw a girl’s face

The brush used for this drawing is the shade brush which is a great brush for all types of drawings including photo realistic drawings. The original drawing using the traditional pencil and paper can be found from the YouTuber Farjana Drawing Academy. Here is the link to that video.

Here is the completed drawing of the girl’s face created on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but you can do this on your phone or tablet.

Beginners drawing of a Girl’s face using Paintology pencil app

The Paintology app is a very versatile drawing app ideal for beginners and advanced that helps you get better in digital drawing. Try over 400 tutorials on various fun methods of drawing that will make you a smarter artist!

Here is a good video on how to use the Paintology drawing app.

Steps to the Drawing:

Drawing on the Paintology app is easy using the shade brush tool. Most drawings can be done by following the steps below. A video of this drawing will be made available shortly.

  • Make an outline of the drawing. This allows you to have a base to do your shading and coloring
  • Use various sizes of the brush to do the shading. For this specific drawing of the beginners girl’s face, I use a larger size brush to draw the hair and tones on the face. The finer features of the eyes and nose are done with a smaller brush size. The advantage of the smaller size brush is that it allows a darker tone to be laid down which is perfect for the contrasting images of the eyes.
  • As a final step of the drawing, we go through the whole drawing trying to make it look better. This relies on a keen eye to see where the improvements can be made. This is made easier to compare with a reference image which I already had for this portrait drawing.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!

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