Paintology Classroom (Google) – Video Guide

Paintology Classroom (Google) – Video Guide

This is one of many video guides to help you get started quickly with the Paintology app.

Paintology – Closest to the real thing!

Paintology – Bringing back the fun and enjoyment of real drawing!

This video will show you how to access the Free Paintology Classroom by Google. This is a free online course where you will learn the techniques of fundamental drawing and painting using the Paintology app. Join the conversation with students and teachers! Free to signup and free to use.

Over 700 free tutorials for you to try!

Video Guide

=== Video Transcript ====

The first myth of digital drawing is that you need a lot of tools to be able to draw well.

With so much digital artwork found online, it is not surprising that many choose to use a myriad of digital tools to create their artwork.

There is a good reason for this, and it is because they have not fully grasped the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

Let’s look at an example.

Think of a traditional drawing made with ordinary paper and pencil. In the hands of a good artist, the final artwork can be truly awe inspiring.

There were no other drawing aids used to make this drawing but yet the artist was able to produce an impressive piece of art.

This is because the artist possesses core skills required for drawing and painting.

We call these skills the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

If you acquired the fundamental core skills in drawing and painting, you should be able to make great drawings with a few simple tools.

Such is the case when you use the Paintology drawing app.

Check out these drawings all made with the Paintology app using just one or two brushes and selecting colors or gray tones and nothing more.

<show the great drawings, emerald etc beach >

You too can draw and paint like this, and all it requires is a good grounding and understanding of the core skills in painting and drawing.

Digital drawing has all the capabilities of a paper and pencil and more.

You just need to practice developing the core skills of art.

Fortunately, you are in luck. 

Paintology has developed the Google classroom specifically for this purpose.

The great thing is, that it is all free!

There are structured classes that come with practice examples that you can do on your phone, and build up these essential skills.

The practice examples come directly from the many tutorials that are already available within the app.

The classes are organized to help you rapidly improve your core drawing skills.

Get help from the teachers and other fellow students.

You will find yourself picking up the core skills in rapid time!

You can join the Paintology Google classroom that is freely available to anyone who downloads and installs the Paintology app.

Simply click on the Google classroom banner on the home screen of the app as shown.

This will take you to a form where you can use your Gmail account to join the classroom.

In my case, I am already logged in and I can show you a quick preview of the class materials.

Learn the fundamental skills of art at your own pace, and engage with the teachers and other students.

All absolutely FREE!

Take your art creations to a whole new level with this new Paintology Google Classroom today!

You will be drawing just like a pro in no time at all!

Join the Paintology Google Classroom today!

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Paintology – Bringing back the fun of the real thing!

Happy Drawing & Painting!

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