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Trace mode of Drawing | Lesson #240 | Learn with Paintology

In this guide, I show you how powerful the trace mode of drawing is with Paintology.

One cannot ignore that trace drawing has been used by budding and accomplished artists alike. It has contributed to their improvement in the artwork especially in architecture (perspective) and portraits. However, trace drawing has many important facets in your creative journey in painting & drawing.

Check out the YouTube video on the quick guide to using the tools for Trace drawing to get you started quickly.

Trace drawing on the Paintology drawing app.

The trace drawing on the digital medium is more powerful than the traditional method since you can use some of the hidden technologies. Paintology makes good use of the latest technologies to bring you an exclusive way of using the Trace method for drawing.

The video guide above will help you understand the simple tools to start drawing in the trace mode.

Once mastered, you will be able to download and trace over many images including images taken by your camera.

Here is another video demonstration to show you the power of the Paintology app.

Draw Marilyn Munroe with the Paintology drawing app.

Download and install the drawing app on your Android phone or tablet and start having some fun!

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!