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Color a model | Paint by number | Paintology | #6569

Coloring by paint by number can be the foundation for doing many creative paintings with other mediums such as acrylics and oils.

Paint by number is ideal to launch your painting career

Doing paint by number coloring exercises with the Paintology drawing app will help you appreciate color schemes. This helps you understand the details required to create the whole painting. It is perhaps the reason why paint by number was a catalyst for my painting career.

In addition to teaching you these fundamental methods required for creative painting, you can develop your own style in painting. For example, when doing some of the paint by number exercises here, instead of following the exact colored regions, you can apply your colors and strokes. This will only help you understand the overall scope of the painting that fits with your creativity. There is no reason why you could not make the original even better or different than what it was before. After all, the beauty of art is in the fingertips and mind of the artist.

You will find a range of colored exercises in the site that helps you with people or portrait paintings. Below are a few listed for your interest.

Color paint by number of a celebrity

Color paint by number of a psychedelic model’s face

Color Barack Obama with paint by number

Color a posing model template:

Template to color a model posing – Paintology coloring

Created with GIMP

When dong this coloring, try to work with larger areas of the colored regions and then use your own unique brush strokes to do the smaller regions. As explained at the beginning, this will help you develop your painting strokes and appreciation of how colors come together. These are essentials skills required for freehand painting and drawing.

Use the Paintology drawing app for expanding your creativity!

The Paintology drawing app available from the Google play store has tons of features for your painting and drawing needs. There are many methods of drawing and painting right on your phone or tablet. The app has been designed to rekindle your love for drawing and painting.

Today, we all have phones and tablets, which makes an ideal platform for drawing and painting.

Download the free Paintology app from the Google play store.

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Happy Painting & Drawing!